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Mega Curcumin 1100 Time Release 100 Caplets

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2015):

I just wanted to thank you for your Curcumin 1100 caplets. My husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer January 2012. He underwent chemo and radiation. Radiation did not work but the chemo helped.

One day I watched Dr. Oz and heard of Curcumin. I read up about it on the internet and asked the pharmasist if it would interfere with the chemo and other medication. She checked it out and said go for it.

He stopped taking chemo in November 2012 because his platelets were too low. His cancer cell count was 27000 after radiation. The cancer grew during that time. I started to give him 8 tablets of curcumin a day because according to the John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic report that is the amount to give.

In January his count was at 1600 and the doctor said it was probably that the chemo was still in his system.

We went yesterday to the doctor and she was amazed that the cancer cell count went down to 95 and the cat scan showed the cancer has not grown. It is laying dormant. She is a believer in the curcumin.

I just want to thank you so much for such a good product. It is a bit expensive but you can not put a price on my husbands life.

Once again thank you and God Bless!