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Mega Curcumin 1100 Time Release 100 Caplets

Product Review (submitted on July 8, 2015):

I can say without hesitation that these guys sell the highest quality curcumin supplements. I had been buying Mega Curcumin for my Mother who has Melanoma and I take it for Pain in my Knees. Chemo did not work for her and it started to metastasize and that is the time in desperation she started on the Curcumin program. Her doctor was open, although he did not know much about it. The growth was arrested and she went back to chemo and she responded much better the second time around. There is no other explanation except Curcumin was the only change she made.. She is slowly recovering.
I have been buying Curcumin from another company which I beleive are the same owners of this company who used to own it. I had been waiting for them to fill an order for over 2 mos and heard every excuse possible. I found Physician Naturals on Google and I know I can expect the same quality and service. I got the order delivered in 3days. I am retired and every penny helps…they are also generous and gave me deep discounts because of my hardship. God Bless you.