Our Quality Guarantee And Assurance

Quality Control System

Certificate of Analysis:

Physician Naturals dietary Super supplements GMP standard manufacturing process subject all raw materials and finished products to stringent test criteria and validation protocols of the highest order. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the quality and potency of every product we make.

All of the Simply Pure products we manufacture, distribute and promote go through years of rigorous research and promoted and used by healthcare practitioners for preventing and supporting multiple health conditions. Our products are produced using ingredients that are of higher quality, higher potency, and is free of all excipients, binders, fillers, toxic preservatives, and impurities.

We continue to develop exclusively high-end natural Super supplements to support a wide range of health conditions. We only sell the products which demonstrate the greatest success in personal trials.

Physician Naturals expressly guarantees and warranties that all products developed sourced and manufactured exclusively for and by Physician Naturals free from toxic tag-along herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and heavy metals, and fumigants. All products utilize 100% pure vegetable capsules, as opposed to toxic tablets with liver-toxic glues, binders, or gelatin capsules with animal-source and toxic preservatives.

Simply Pure Super supplements do not contain questionable or hard-to-digest non-nutritive substances. All of the ingredients sourced for manufacturing are organically certified and sourced for the highest level of supplemental nutrients.

All aspects of creating an encapsulated dietary supplement are monitored. Records are kept on each lot of raw materials so that each product can be traced back to its original source. Once a product has been produced, it goes back into the lab for further testing. The finished product is examined to ensure that it has not been contaminated by the production procedure, and that the capsule weights are accurate. A sample is retained for reference and shelf life testing.