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Facts about Antioxidant and Anti-Aging

What are antioxidants, how do they work?

Fast Facts about Anti-Oxidants

Free radicals are tiny molecules that initiate the oxidative process within human cells. In the external world oxidation causes rust and deterioration of metals. In your body the oxidation process is responsible for cellular damage and destruction. Oxidation is the result of a combination of factors. Pollution, chemicals, stress, poor dietary habits, genetics and aging are all linked to cellular oxidation damage. However the one thing that all of these factors have in common is the presence of free radicals. With anti-oxidant compounds you have a natural way to boost your body’s defenses against the damages caused by free radicals. Anti-oxidants are able to block one essential electron. This effectively neutralizes the free radicals and renders them unable to wreak havoc at the cellular level.

Where Anti-Oxidants are found

There are a number of anti-oxidants that have been discovered in fruits, grains and vegetables. Researchers have also identified the presence of these helpful compounds in specific herbs and plants. This has made it much easier to create dietary supplements that contain the power and benefits of pure anti-oxidants.

Even the healthiest diet may not include adequate levels of some of the most beneficial anti-oxidants. Researchers are now finding that optimum results require higher amounts of vitamins and botanical supplements than the minimum dosage that is often recommended.
This means that most consumers should consider adding supplemental nutrition products to their standard diet regimen. Making sure that you receive an adequate amount of anti-oxidants each day is easy when you are using products such as Curcumin, green tea, CoQ10 and other supplements.

Amazing Benefits of Anti-Oxidants

Today there is a long list of health benefits that have been associated with the regular use of anti-oxidants. These natural compounds have shown that it is possible to combat the effects of aging, prolong your youthful appearance and even help you build stronger muscles. Anti-oxidants are also able to improve your physical health. These helpful, natural compounds are now at the forefront of many of the advances being made in the medical community. Leading health experts have expressed their belief that the regular use of certain anti-oxidants will help prevent (or cure) diseases. Studies are already showing that specific anti-oxidants can successfully battle health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems and even Alzheimer’s.

Human Aging-and the Use of Anti-Aging Supplements. Aging is a natural condition for every living organism. This is a process of maturation and development that begins at birth and continues throughout the lifespan. Everyone is going to get older-one day at a time.

Although age may grant you wisdom and patience no one wants to look old and tired. It is perfectly normal for an individual to want to look younger and more vigorous. Why should you have to let your appearance change just because you are growing older?

The search for an "anti-aging" Fountain of Youth has taken place throughout the centuries. The desire to control the effects of human aging have mesmerized many individuals from 16th century Spanish explorers to modern day physicians. People want to discover the secrets that will let them look and feel younger than their actual ages.

A regular program that includes healthy meals, daily exercise and relaxation will help you fight the effects of aging. In order to realize the maximum results of a healthy lifestyle your body needs to be able to combat the ravages of oxidation stress. This is the only way that your cells can maintain their vigor and effectiveness.

What if we told you that there are some real anti-aging products that can help you maintain a more youthful appearance?

What if we helped you discover some unique supplements that can reverse those signs of aging? What is we showed you how easy it is to keep your mind and body young and healthy regardless of your chronological age?

Anti-Aging Effects of Anti-Oxidants

Many individuals have been brought up with the belief that there is little that can be done to combat the effects of aging. Wrinkles, thinning hair, decreasing vision, brittle bones, grey hair and other physical signs of aging have been described as being inevitable facts of life.

Today we know that there are dietary supplements that can be used to combat those common signs associated with physical aging. These are nutritional formulas that contain powerful anti-oxidants and other anti-aging compounds.

Aging does not have a specific blueprint that must be followed. Anti-oxidants provide your body with an abundance of compounds that help prevent your cells operating at their maximum capacity. Strong, healthy cells can resist the effects of time, age and gravity.

There are a number of plants and herbs that contain these natural anti-aging compounds. Adding these supplements to your daily diet can ensure a more youthful attitude and appearance regardless of your age. The anti-oxidants help flush out unwanted toxins and neutralize the free radicals circulating throughout your body. These compounds also revitalize each cell in your body, making them stronger and more efficient in their duties.

While there are always going to be those who seek to look younger by undergoing expensive (and dangerous) surgeries they are still only changing their external appearance. Anti-oxidants are true anti-aging products because in addition to a more youthful physical appearance these dietary compounds will rejuvenate every system in your body.

Leading Botanical Extracts

Among the most effective supplements are Curcumin, CoQ-10, red yeast rice, acai berries, green tea, resveratrol, Omega 3 and alpha-Lipoic acid. These are botanical extracts that contain the effective power of anti-oxidants as well as providing the user with numerous other health benefits.

These supplements may indeed be the keys that will help unlock the secrets of lasting health and eternal youth. Scientists have already begun to document the numerous ways that these simple organic ingredients can help defeat common health problems. There are many studies that prove anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients can combat those negative signs associated with aging.

Now it is time to highlight how the following natural dietary supplements can help you become a winner in the battle against Father Time.

curcumin turmeric extract supplements Anti Aging

This extract is a natural compound derived from the turmeric plant. Curcumin is packed with anti-oxidants that reverse cellular damage and slows down the aging process.

Turmeric spice provides some health benefits when it is used for cooking exotic dishes. Our pure Curcumin extract is far more concentrated and can deliver much higher levels of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to your body.

These botanical agents have proven very helpful. In addition to reversing the cellular damage that results from oxidation Curcumin also offers anti-inflammatory properties.

When there is ongoing inflammation in the body it destroys cells and lays a foundation to deter other diseases such as arthritis. Regular use of Curcumin can eliminate these inflammatory processes and restore normal cellular health. Studies have also shown that this supplement can protect the neurological pathway in the brain and help improve your cardiovascular system. Check out Physician Naturals 10 Premium Curcumin supplements with the highest bioavailability manufactured in USA.
Learn More About Curcumin Turmeric Extract Supplements - The 10 Best Curcumin Products

CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) Anti Aging

As you age this naturally occurring compound begins to decrease. CoQ-10 provides fuel for the mitochondria within your cells. When there is less CoQ-10 circulating throughout your system it can have a severe negative effect on how effectively your cells are able to function.

Consider that 90-95% of a cell's energy is produced by mitochondria. As the CoQ-10 supply is depleted the cellular energy is diminished. Weakened cells are strongly associated with a number of health and age-related conditions.

Health experts now theorize that CoQ-10 supplements could be used to slow the aging process indefinitely. When combined with a comprehensive diet and exercise program you may even be able to reverse signs of premature aging such as grey hair, atrophied muscles and facial lines.

Acai berries Anti Aging Acai Berries

You will discover a bounty of antioxidants in acai berries. This tropical fruit also contains a number of powerful nutrients and vitamins. Research shows that the fruit of the acai tree can promote weight loss, boost your energy and prevent the cellular damage that is caused by destructive free radicals. Using Acai Berry Supplements is one sure way to help you win the battle against aging.

Organic freeze-dried Acai Berries from Physician Naturals are twice as powerful as the products being advertised by our competitors. Pure. Natural. Safe. Effective. These are the hallmarks of our superior natural supplements superior.

Green Tea Anti Aging Green Tea

Polyphenols and flavenols are the antioxidants that can be extracted from green tea. One of the green tea antioxidants is known as EGCG-(epigallocatechin gallate). Researchers have found that EGCG can be 100 times more effective than Vitamin C.
When you consume green tea supplements you are boosting your energy and strengthening your immune system. The high levels of powerful antioxidants will also help fight those free radicals and prevent any further cellular oxidation damage from taking place. We recommend Broad Spectrum Green Tea plus Curcumin with Resveratrol from Physician Naturals which contains the three most powerful antioxidants and antiaging agents.

Resveratrol Anti Aging Resveratrol

This is one of the most valuable antioxidants. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound produced during the fermentation of grapes. In addition to its anti-aging effects Resveratrol can stabilize your blood glucose level, boost the health of your cardiac system and even help reduce cholesterol levels. The antioxidants contained in Reseveratrol supplements have potent anti-cancer agents that offer protection against a number of different malignancies. SimplyPure Resveratrol provides 98% Trans-Resveratrol with Grape Seed Extract and Bioperine for maximum absorption.

Red Yeast Rice Anti Aging Red Yeast Rice Anti-Aging

Red yeast rice is a substance that's extracted from rice that's been fermented with a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus. It's been used in China and other Asian countries for centuries as a traditional medicine. It's also used as a food coloring, additive, and preservative. Red Yeast Rice may maintain Cholesterol levels effectively without the side effects, Premium Red Yeast Rice Extract Information and Everything about Antiaging. SimplyPure Premium Organic Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10.

Omega 3 fatty acid Anti Aging Omega 3s

Omega-3 supplements offer those essential fatty acids that help protect you from the development of heart disease. Use of these supplements is also believed to lower cholesterol levels and strengthen the entire cardiovascular system. Recent studies suggest that Omega 3 supplements can even help protect the normal functions of your brain and nervous system.  Enteric Coated Omega 3 Supplements from Physician Naturals are 3X more effective than regular Omega 3s.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - AntiOxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid

This important antioxidant blocks free radicals from damaging cellular mitochondria. Researchers are studying the relation of cellular mitochondrial function and human aging. Many of the usual signs of aging are being blamed on damaged mitochondria. Alpha Lipoic acid is able to block the free radicals and stop them from entering the cells. This allows the cells to continue to function at maximum efficiency and delays the aging process. It has also been suggested that alpha Lipoic acid is responsible for minimizing much of the cellular damage that is linked to excessive amounts of blood glucose.

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